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we're the Runaway Janes.


​this is our story...


We met in the Spring of 2009 when our daughters played on the same soccer team. After a little small talk and a lot of laughs, we became instant friends. Many weekends were spent together at soccer games and out-of-town tournaments, cheering on the team and our girls.  It didn’t take long for us to become great friends.


We've had similar dreams of a life out west and traveling the world. We’ve been on many trips together, from celebrating birthdays to joint business trips. Fortunately, our husbands are also great friends and our kids have grown up together. We really are more like family than friends, and often, laughingly refer to ourselves as the "Kindlebecks".


We love a great travel adventure and we enjoy the planning of these adventures. We’d love to share our unique travel experiences with you, our guests, and soon to be new friends. Providing you with travel the way we feel it should be experienced - as a stress-free getaway, so that you return home relaxed and rejuvenated (and not needing a vacation after your vacation!).

We love the good things - the ones that bring a smile, lift a heart and remind us that we're worthy. And, we love sharing those things, which is what we've created with Runaway Janes.​


what's in the name?

Runaway, because we get that feeling sometimes that we'd like to escape. We're tired, stressed out, overwhelmed and done with responsibilities.

Janes, because we're ordinary women who do extraordinary things on a regular basis.  Women who sometimes wish for a break - with nothing to worry about but ourselves for just a couple of days. ​

Plus, the name "Jane" is extra special to Lisa. Her grandma used to call her "Lisa Jane", even though Jane is not her middle name.

Jessica 2.jpg

meet jessica

I was born and raised in small town Ohio. I’ve lived in Tennessee twice, when I was young and when I moved there for 1 month when I was new out of high school. However, I came back to my roots and have stayed here to raise my family. It wasn’t always an easy decision, staying in rural Ohio, but through luck and a change in career, I was able to travel regularly beginning in my early 30s. Until then, my first flight and first time seeing a large body of water (the Gulf) was on our honeymoon, when I was in my early twenties.


When our kids were young, my husband and I made the decision that trips were important to us as a family and we were willing to make the hard decisions sometimes required to afford a trip for all of us. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, and I think both of our kids would agree.


My husband and I had been dreaming of moving out west (he spent many years of his life living in Montana) until 2019. We found our HOME, just a few miles from where we had lived the last 13 years. This place settled our want to move out west.  It feels like a sanctuary and was a savior during the pandemic. We’ve decided to keep our home base and travel more often.

I've been a small business owner since 2004 - working remotely as a Virtual Assistant. My work has evolved and grown in many different directions over these years, allowing me to also become certified as a Master Life Coach, using those extra skills to support my clients in a more rounded sense - not just in ways of service. Over the years I've worked with high level professionals - authors, speakers, a celebrity speaker management company, along with many others, all over the US and Canada. Through my work, I've learned to appreciate open and honest communication and realize the importance of connection to others, especially those outside of my own areas of knowledge and experience.


My passion is always to create connections for people and I've found that I love it most through travel and food -- allowing the space for open and real conversations. Being able to partner with my dearest friend and soul sister, Lisa, is such a gift. We're different in many ways that actually compliment each other. I don't know anyone who's better at organization or planning. Their family vacations have been inspirations and dreams of ours for years. Usually, we end up taking a similar trip, benefiting from the hours of planning and exploring done by Lisa and the Kindle family.

Along with my love for travel and exploring, I am a life long learner and a constant dreamer. I come up with new business ideas on a daily basis. I love to read, to dance and to laugh. I also love connecting people – to themselves and to the dreams they, too, have. 

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meet lisa

I was born and raised in the same county that I now reside, a very rural area of west central Ohio.  I vowed to “get away” after high school and never return.  I kept half of that promise when I enrolled in a university 3 hours from my small hometown, but after graduation I returned, and married my high school sweetheart.


Traveling has been my outlet and allowed me to feed my adventurous side.  I’ve traveled to all 50 states and to 17 countries (my career has allowed me to travel extensively as well). 


I have two children who have benefited from my love for travel.  In addition to our annual family vacations, we also enjoy skiing/snowboarding together.  I’m always researching and planning a vacation, usually more than one at a time!  They are a testament of my travel planning skills, even though they often joke that I get a “strike” once in a while when something isn’t to their liking.


As much as I like to travel, I do enjoy spending time at home too – walking with my Goldendoodle (who also loves a good road trip!), hiking, kayaking, reading, doing yoga, floating in my pool, and spending time with my family and friends (the real reason that I still call the Buckeye state home).

I’ve worked in the same industry since graduating from college so diversifying my career was a bit past due.  Not to mention, empty nesting left me with all sorts of time I didn’t know what to do with!  So, once the topic came up over coffee one random morning in the Spring of 2022, my foot hasn’t lifted off the pedal and it’s been an exhilarating ride! 

When I post pictures of my travels on social media, the comments and messages that I receive are along the lines of ‘Can I come too?’ or ‘Will you plan a trip for me?’.   The answer is now “Yes”!  After much persuasion from family and friends to share my travel experiences, I’ve decided to partner with the best Life Coach, Special Projects Coordinator and travel partner I know (who also happens to be my soul sister) to allow others to join me in my travels.  


Some of my greatest joys in life have been watching my husband and children experience new places, cultures and experiences.  I can’t wait to be able to share in the joy others get from traveling.


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