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​frequently asked questions


All meals are included too? Do we eat at restaurants or at the house? Is it take-out food?


It’s a combination of the two (restaurants and meals at the house) – we want take advantage of the setting and scenery of the home and also allow for a more relaxed atmosphere, so some meals will be brought in and catered by a chef.


Yes, all meals are included, however alcoholic drinks while dining out are the guest’s responsibility.


Do you give options for the experiences or does everyone do the same thing?

Because we intentionally keep the groups small, we will keep everyone together. There is always the option to stay behind or do something else but that would not be included and you’d have to arrange for your own transportation.

I don’t know which insurance policy to purchase – can you help, or do I even need it?


Of course, we are happy to help! After all, our mission is to provide stress-free travel for our guests! Whether or not insurance is needed is a personal decision that takes many things into consideration. Primarily, what are the chances that you may need to cancel. Secondly, the amount of risk you are willing to take with your investment. If the chances are slim and you are OK with losing your investment should you need to cancel, then I would say that you don’t need insurance. However, we highly recommend it since the trips are non-refundable once the trip is confirmed and the cost of the policy is usually only a few hundred dollars.


Can you book flights for me?

We are happy to help you book your flights! We will even track the flights for you and let you know when pricing changes so you can book when rates are lowest. We are happy to walk through the booking process with you but will not be able to actually book the flights.

What does it mean by 'reservations are guaranteed by March 6th'?

We have to fill all of the rooms to guarantee a trip. If all rooms are not filled by this date, the trip will have to be cancelled unfortunately. We will refund 100% of your payment if we have to cancel the trip. This is also why we recommend that you do not purchase non-refundable flights until the trip is guaranteed.


What should I pack?


No worries! Once the trip gets closer, we will schedule calls so that everyone can meet one another and we can fill you in on all of the details, from expected weather to what to pack and where to meet us at the airport, and much more!


Will we need to tip?

No, all tips are included and will be taken care of by your hosts. You just sit back and enjoy. Your trip cost includs everything!

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